PowerShell Script to Verify File Identity

In the world of IT and data management, verifying the integrity and identity of files is crucial. Whether you’re managing backups, ensuring data hasn’t been tampered with, or simply want to check if two files are identical, PowerShell offers a straightforward and efficient solution.

Today, we’re sharing a PowerShell script that utilizes MD5 hashing to compare two files. MD5, a widely used cryptographic hash function, produces a 128-bit hash value. By comparing these hash values, we can ascertain whether the files are identical.

PowerShell Script to Check If Files Are Identical

# Script Name: Utility - Check If Files Are Identical.ps1
# Author: Wesley Ellis
# Date: 2023-03-15
# Description: This script compares the MD5 hashes of two files to determine if they are identical, providing a quick and reliable method for verifying file integrity.

# Specify the paths to the files you want to compare
$file1 = 'Path\To\File1.extension'
$file2 = 'Path\To\File2.extension'

# Compute MD5 hashes for both files and compare them
$identical = (Get-FileHash -Algorithm MD5 -Path $file1).Hash -eq (Get-FileHash -Algorithm MD5 -Path $file2).Hash

# Output the result
if ($identical) {
    Write-Host "The files are identical." -ForegroundColor Green
} else {
    Write-Host "The files are not identical." -ForegroundColor Red

How to Use the Script

  1. Replace 'Path\To\File1.extension' and 'Path\To\File2.extension' with the actual paths and filenames of the files you wish to compare.
  2. Open PowerShell and navigate to the directory where the script is saved.
  3. Execute the script by typing .\Utility - Check If Files Are Identical.ps1 and pressing Enter.

The script will then calculate the MD5 hashes of both files and compare them, displaying the result in the console. If the files are identical, you will see a green message stating “The files are identical.” Otherwise, a red message will indicate they are not identical.

This PowerShell script offers a quick and efficient way to verify the identity of files, ensuring data integrity and peace of mind. Whether you’re an IT professional, a PowerShell enthusiast, or anyone in need of file verification, this script is a valuable tool to add to your toolkit.


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